“Ravenna Green Port” project took part of the closing event of PORTOPIA, one of the most important European projects for a sustainable development of port performance.



PORTOPIA is a European project funded under the Seventh Framework Program, which started in 2013 and came to its conclusion this year.

The project seeks the collaboration of ESPO (European Sea Port Organization), 10 Universities and Research Institutes and a technical partner, through which important goals have been achieved in the digitization of data in the European port sector.

The main objective was to collect, analyze and validate a set of performance indicators (environmental, governance, services, etc.) in the port area, through the active participation of the Port Authorities and the major interlocutors of the port, in order to realize a “user friendly” tool for self-assessment of the performance of their ports.


The final event of PORTOPIA was held on 9 November 2017 in Brussels. The event was an important opportunity not only to highlight the results of the PORTOPIA project but also to share with all stakeholders the main future development priorities for all European ports.

During the event, attended by plenary conferences, workshops and roundtables, the major European port professionals discussed the added value of the project, the lessons to be learned about the future and the importance and global status of measuring the performance of the project port.

Thanks to the initiative, considered by industry as a real milestone in the digital agenda of the port industry, the European port industry has shown that research and innovation projects can lead to concrete and sustainable results, especially when the partnership sees the presence of Universities, Institutions and Enterprises.


“Ravenna Green Port” researchers participated in the Brussels event to disseminate the results of the first two years of project activity and to network with potential European partners towards the Green & Smart Innovation Roadmap of the Port of Ravenna and of other national and international ports with similar geographic and industrial characteristics.

In particular, the “Ravenna Green Port” team is geared towards European partners in harbor policies and energy issues in order to foster the creation of a strategic path for the sustainable development of port realities.

The “Ravenna Green Port” entrance to the PORTOPIA network represents access to a privileged observatory of European ports, which provides value to the industry and its stakeholders by providing transparent, useful and solid indicators and tools which will lead to an improvement in resource efficiency, effectiveness and support for the European port system.

The goal of the “Ravenna Green Port” project is also to create a transnational community of innovators on Green & Smart ports: sustainable mobility, energy efficiency of infrastructure and processes, use of renewable energy sources that can exchange, stimulate, and tools for innovative, sustainable, and connected port system management.


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