“Ravenna Green Port” among the protagonists of the SUSTAINABILITY FORUM at EXPO 2017 Future Energy, the international exhibition dedicated to the Energy of the Future


For 100 days the world debate on renewable energy, green economy,  fight against greenhouse gases and new models to combat climate change has moved to Atsana, the capital of Kazakhstan. CertiMaC was invited by the Emilia-Romagna delegation as “regional experience of research and virtuous technological innovation in the energy field”


Expo 2017 Future Energy is the international exhibition dedicated to the energy of the future underway in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan from 10th June to 10th September: 22 international organizations, 5 million visitors, 113 countries, including Italy whose participation it was promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economic Development through Ice.

The Emilia-Romagna Region is the protagonist in the week from 3rd to 10th September at the EXPO 2017.

The flagship event is the INTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY FORUM, divided into 4 seminars, with a focus on the themes of the Green Economy and testimonies from relevant institutional representatives and prestigious regional and national business realities.


CertiMaC has been called from the Emilia-Romagna region as a “virtuous regional experience in the field of sustainable energy development” to bring its testimony to the International Sustainability Forum on research and innovation activities for Smart Energy and Low Carbon Economy as part of the “Ravenna Green Port” project.

Francesco Matteucci of CertiMaC will illustrate the main activities underway within the project which is confirmed to operate on issues of absolute importance at an international level. A precious opportunity in terms of visibility, networking and construction of a network of contacts and information for the growth of the Ravenna Green Port project.

The 4-day duration of the Forum will in fact see the academic and scientific institutions, industrial companies and other players in the sector confront the scenarios and technologies for the transition to a low-carbon economy, technologies and applications for sustainable energy through the recovery of materials in the circular economy; solutions, technologies and experiences for the innovative use of renewable energy sources; and finally, energy for transport: systems for sustainable mobility.



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