International Event organized by Ravenna Green Port & Clean Port projects

13th July 2018 hours 9,30 – 17,30



Ports play a fundamental role in the promotion of economic development of the territory and represent a key factor in national economy. Sustainable development actions in ports should be supported by both public and private investments, in order to provide adequate services and infrastructures. Concurrently, human resources with transversal competencies should be trained in order to design and manage a sustainable economy of the port and lead towards innovation strategies with focus on energy technology, sustainable mobility and circular economy.

Ravenna, as the only Emilia-Romagna industrial harbour, has a rising strategic role within the regional economic development. In this field, the Municipality of Ravenna is launching the roadmap for the sustainable development of the port, through a co-design  process involving several stakeholders coming from the public, private and research sector, thanks to the activities carried out by the two research projects Green Port and Clean Port, co-funded by Emilia-Romagna Region itself.


The international networking event, organized by Green Port and Clean Port regional projects and hosted by Ravenna Port Authority headquarters, aims to underline the state-of-the-art of virtuous ports, sharing national and european best-practices in order to draw a common vision and strategy towards a sustainable development of European ports.

Speakers include representatives of some of the most significant national and European port organizations, including Amsterdam, Valencia and Messina, together with the participation of the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Municipality of Ravenna.

The event will be animated by a Round Table held by the Mayor of Ravenna, that represent the opportunity to create new synergies between industries and the Municipality, through the definition of medium and long-term strategies and the implementation of clear and shared roadmaps for the sustainable development of the Port of Ravenna.

The initiative is aimed at companies, research bodies, public entities and professionals with the objective of informing and networking them with some of the most significant operators at local, national and international level in terms of logistics, industrial production, mobility, security and sustainable development in the port area.


Friday,  13th July2018 | hours  9,00 – 17,30

Ravenna Port Authority headquarters – Via Antico Squero 31, 48121 Ravenna, Italy


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