The future of Blue Economy: Green & Smart

Among the goals of the Ravenna GREEN PORT project is the creation of a network of “innovation actors” involved in defining possible lines of action to promote economic growth, development strategies and environmental sustainability in the port area.

Over the last few years, international agencies and observers have shown that there is a close link between the level of social and economic well-being of a country and its ability to innovate.

Starting from this concept, the Ravenna GREEN PORT project intends to develop its activities in synergy with the territory, paying particular attention to the opportunities and needs of innovation – expressed and unexpressed – of the industrial realities and specialized branches in the port area and In the City Dock.

The active participation of companies in identifying research topics of interest to the ecosystem helps to directly involve the productive tissue and to increase the opportunities for collaboration between Industry and Research.

Development Roadmap

The ultimate objective is the definition of a roadmap for the strategic and sustainable development of the port and industrial area and Ravenna’s Darsena in order to generate good practice that can be replicated in other strategic port areas, Italian and beyond.

The roadmap will be developed through a bottom-up process of Industry – Research – School -Training – Universities – Institutions, with the aim of raising the awareness of the various stakeholders on these issues, including activating The whole project life, a series of dissemination and networking activities, one to one meetings, collaborations, co-design workshops, Design Thinking workshops, …

Case studies

Below you can find a collection of synergies and collaborations launched by the Ravenna GREEN PORT research team with the realities operating in the port area and in the City Dock. The Case Study section will grow as businesses develop, with the aim of illustrating, sharing and disseminating some of the results that can be considered a milestone of the project.

The aim is to help draw a road map for the future development of the Port and City Docks by systematizing the energies, skills and collaboration of the various “actors of innovation”.

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