Energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency of Buildings and Infrastructures

Reduction of energy consumption and demand through an integrated envelope – plant project.

The upgrading of existing buildings and infrastructures, as well as providing better indoor wellness conditions with immediate benefits for those in the port area, brings economic and environmental benefits in terms of energy saving and efficient and rational use of energy in today’s field energivorous.


In Italy 40% of energy demand is attributable to the construction and infrastructure sector: a rationalization of consumption through the upgrading of the constructed in the port area through the implementation of innovative solutions both at the process of upgrading and product (technologies ) can contribute to reducing dependence on fossil sources and reducing the environmental impact of such infrastructures and hence the port system as a whole.


The development and engineering of innovations, solutions and innovative energy efficiency materials is one of CertiMaC’s main research lines. Through the implementation of experimental methodologies on a laboratory scale and real building and by implementing computational tools for the optimization of complex components and systems for the building envelope, energy retrofit interventions are developed to guarantee the Requirements of:

  • Heat-insulating power
  • Breathability and thermo-hygrometric well-being
  • Eco-sustainability to reduce the environmental impact of the retraining action and therefore of the port area itself
  • Durability in the face of severe environmental cycles or exposure to the salt environment typical of the port areas
  • Mechanical and structural properties


Reducing energy costs in the construction and infrastructure sectors is achieved through the dissemination of high performance and low power consumption / impact materials and solutions. Refurbishing existing buildings in an energy-efficient and economically sustainable key is a great opportunity for industrial areas such as ports, in terms of energy efficiency and de-carbonisation.

The research program envisages the study of renovation systems for the building envelope by means of innovative and eco-friendly insulating materials and / or facade systems conceived in a modular key to meet the need to reduce fuel consumption associated with both winter and air conditioning Summer cooling.

After carrying out an energy needs assessment of a representative section of the port area through conducting energy audits to investigate energy needs in the construction, infrastructure and process sectors, the research team will proceed to the definition, design and prototype development of Innovative solutions for the upgrading of existing strategic buildings.

Specifically, reference will be made to adaptive casing solutions that reduce the energy consumption of the mat by increasing the degree of insulation. R & D solutions will aim to deliver performance with the least impact on volumes.

To this end, materials and components added with aerogel will be studied, i.e. VIP – Vacuum Insulation Panels or P.C.M. (Phase change materials); In fact, these solutions will guarantee the wellness conditions even in the summer, limiting the consumption of cooling.

The optimization of energy flows through the enclosure will also be investigated by inserting sensor systems and smart monitoring, which will make the plant response responsive to climatic conditions and cabinet responses harmoniously and harmonically.

The evaluation of the proposals will lead to the executive planning and implementation of pilot interventions considered more appropriate on the basis of budget, target context and any project initiatives already started or planned, in order to allow the perfect integration of Ravenna GREEN PORT with the territory and with Regional, national and Community energy policies.


In particular, the research team will be able to partner companies in the funding request for the Thermal Account 2.0 and other possible incentive measures that will eventually be made available.

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