Innovation Hub

The Port as an Innovation Booster

Ideas, energies, projects: protagonists and initiatives in the port area.

The Port of Ravenna, in its industrial area, in the tourist and in the city dock (Darsena) is not only a physical place but an intersection of subjects, activities and objectives that constitute a real “laboratory” of economic, social and cultural innovation.

While maintaining its focus on technology research and transfer, Ravenna Green Port has the goal of intercepting the different stakeholders actively involved in the development of actions and projects for the Green & Smart development of this valuable area for the city economy and for the citizens.

A true Community from the very first stages of its design has expressed its interest and its contribution to the development of Project activity

There are many Initiatives that have the centrality of the port and city dock. Whether it is scientific research or cultural innovation, we are convinced that everyone can act in synergy for the good of the community. Ravenna Green Port is intercepting them and with many of them it has started joint activities.

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