Companies and institutions of the territory that have shown interest in the project

When it comes to sustainable innovation in the port area, there are many issues that come to play: environment, mobility, energy efficiency, renewable energy.

And so are the subjects who can actively contribute, each for their own areas of expertise, to the development of the project.

Making maximum synergies in the field and defining shared action lines will be our greatest achievement.

START Romagna

START ROMAGNA is the company that manages the local public transport services in the Romagna area (Forlì-Cesena, Ravenna and Rimini) and it is involved in the management of the ferry service that connects the two shores of the Canale Candiano to Ravenna. “We travel together, ready to accept market challenges to improve people’s mobility and contribute to a qualitative development of life and territory” is its mission.

Smart Domotics

Smart Domotics designs, produces and markets Made in Italy solutions for home automation and energy saving. It offers the market innovative solutions that combine comfort, technology and simplicity, which are energy-efficient for residential, business, or government users. Winner of numerous awards and prizes from Unicredit Start Lab to Premio Marzotto. It supports Ravenna Green Port project as a technology partner for monitoring solutions, cloud analysis and remote automation for efficiency and energy savings.

Provincia di Ravenna

The industrial and commercial area located in the port of Ravenna is strategic for the economic development of the provincial territory. It represents one of the main chemical and metal industries of the Italian industrial landscape as well as some important shipyards. Particularly important is the methane gas extraction industry, of which Ravenna is one of the major extraction centers in Italy. Always at the industrial port, in fact, there are all the companies that are involved in the maintenance of the extraction platforms.

Confindustria Romagna

Confindustria Romagna was founded on 1 October 2016 by the merge of the territorial industrial associations of Ravenna and Rimini, representing more than 900 companies. The “Port, Transport and Logistics” area of Confindustria Romagna offers assistance to the Associates on the strategic activities in the maritime, port, transport and logistics sectors as well as the ordering and management of the Port of Ravenna.

Comune di Ravenna

Ravenna is the largest and most historically important city in Romagna; its communal territory is the second in Italy on the surface, only surpassed by Rome and includes nine lids of the Riviera Romagnola. The center of the city is 8 km from the Adriatic Sea, which is connected via the water channel of Candiano. Urban propagation extends to the sea through the port of Ravenna.

ARPAE – Regional Agency for the Prevention, Environment and Energy of Emilia-Romagna

Arpae exercises, in environmental and energy matters, the functions of granting, authorizing, analyzing, supervising and controlling in the following matters: water resources; atmospheric, electromagnetic and acoustic pollution, and activities at risk of major accident; Waste management and contaminated sites; Environmental assessments and authorizations; Use of water dam and mineral and thermal water.

Northern-Adriatic Sea Port System Authority

The Northern-Adriatic Sea Port System Authority operates to direct, plan, coordinate, promote and control port operations and other commercial and industrial activities carried out in the harbor, manages the assets of the marine demanium, maintains the seabed and the construction of large port infrastructures financed by the Italian Government and guarantees the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the common parts.

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