The energies in the field

The projects that focus on the port and city dock (Darsena)

Not just crossroads of goods and people. The harbors, from the night of the times, represent a privileged place for the encounter and exchange of energies, ideas and creativity.

Talents, skills, future and innovation. Something new (and interesting) is happening in Ravenna.

TEMPUS Project (Interreg Italy – Croatia)

TEMPUS (TEMPorary USes as start-up actions to enhance port (in)tangible heritage) is a project co-funded by the European Commission within the Italy – Croatia INTERREG 2014-2020 program. The aim is to test a methodology based on the co-creation of long-term urban strategies, on the enhancement of the territory and on the active involvement of local communities. 3 cities – Ravenna, Solin and Rijeka – will act as piloting areas for temporary uses, in order to bring abandoned urban spaces back to life and activate networks between private and public bodies, associations and citizens, aiming at activating new cultural, economic and social values.

Darsena PopUp

Darsena PopUp is a social activation action, strongly linked to the port identity of Ravenna; The vision of the project is guided by the desire to continue the re-qualification of the city dock (Darsena), promoted by the Association Naviga in Darsena. It is a pilot process for temporary re-launches, aimed at creating a new sports-recreational compartment serving the community and is based on three fundamental principles: sociality, innovation and sustainability. The goal is to create a new polarity of services to the city, a point of connection between the center and the dock, through the creation of new integrated spaces for sports, cultural and leisure activities.

Meme Exchange

Meme Exchange is a non-profit cultural and social association that works in the area of sustainable urban regeneration and recovery of discarded spaces. Among its goals is the informal recovery of space in the Ravenna City Dockyard, for a re-activation of disused spaces with projects related to the world of architecture, crafts and design. With XL PLATFORM, Meme Exchange has created the first coworking in the Darsena district of Ravenna: the natural response to the will to regenerate a cultural and social fabric based on the strength of creativity and professional synergy. An open space of 220 sqm, former naval workshop, opportunity to share working moments, to find synergies and interests.


CoLABoRA is a coworking space and business incubator that welcomes free-lance professionals and 4 startup each year. It’s located in the Ex warehouse of Ravenna Customs, a 300mq stable on the City Dock. The idea comes from the Department of Economic Development of the Municipality of Ravenna and the Foundation Eni Enrico Mattei, to which they are added to collaborate with Fondazione Flaminia, Chamber of Commerce and Province of Ravenna. The aim is to facilitate the sharing of innovative skills, relationships and knowledge able to enhance the territory.

World Harbour Project
World Harbor Project

Started by the Sydney Marine Institute (SIMS), the goal of the World Harbor Project (WHP) is to develop resilient ports through a global network of scientists and institutions. The project brings together international research institutes and agencies that deal with the health of these heavily urbanized watercourses and the growing challenges they face. The project network over twenty ports worldwide: from Abu Dhabi to Shanghai, from Rio de Janeiro to New York, passing through Ravenna, Dublin, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Clean Port

Clean Port is an industrial research project lasting two years (June 2016 – June 2018) aimed at energy sustainability and consequent reduction in pollution of port areas. Project partners are the Interdepartmental Industrial Research Center of the University of Bologna in Advanced Mechanics and Materials, the Interdepartmental Industrial Research Center of the University of Bologna in Energy and Environment and CIFLA.

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