Objectives of the project “Ravenna Green Port”

Ravenna Green Port

Energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and energy production from renewable sources for the port of Ravenna.


Ravenna Green Port is a three year research and technology transfer project for sustainable development of the Port of Ravenna, co-funded by the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Ministry of Economic Development with the aim of:

– DEVELOP a reference center – human resources, tools, technologies and skills – dedicated to the design, implementation, coordination and monitoring of activities in the field of sustainable mobility, green retrofit of existing buildings and infrastructures, production of energy from renewable sources in the port area;

– REALIZE pilot interventions for the integrated improvement of energy efficiency of the port, in collaboration with public authorities, companies and institutions operating in the port;

– DEFINE a roadmap for the development of the port of Ravenna and other ports with similar geographical and industrial characteristics, as well as for the development of communication and networking activities that will be managed during the project at local, regional and European level.

Main topics of the research project

Sustainable Mobility

Electric traction systems powered by energy-recharged electricity storage systems from renewable energy sources

Synergy with the Community of Innovators

Joint actions with main stakeholders – institutions, associations, companies – involved in the Green & Smart development of the port and the city dock (Darsena)

Green Retrofit of Existing Buildings and Infrastructures

Reduction of energy consumption and demand through an integrated envelope / plant retrofit plan

Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes

Analysis of all energy efficiency opportunities: processes and workflows, monitoring and reporting systems and efficient technologies

Renewables Energy Sources

Production of energy from renewable sources on site for power supply and for powering of electric vehicle charging systems

Roadmap for the Green + Smart Port Development

Mapping of opportunities and innovation scenarios in collaboration with the industrial realities and the port specialists

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