Research team

Integrated expertise and shared objectives

Energy and environment experts, sustainable mobility specialists, professionals of the construction sector.

The project Ravenna Green Port develops along two different complementary trajectories of research and technology transfer:

Line 1 | Energy from Renewable Sources and Sustainable Mobility coordinated by CNR ITAE

Line 2 | Energy efficient buildings, infrastructure and processes by CertiMaC

The research activities see the supervision and coordination of senior researchers and involve a team of young researchers with transversal and diversified skills.

The networking and dissemination activities in the area are designed and managed by Innovation and Communication specialists.

A passionate and motivated team to develop the energy of the territory.

Vincenzo Antonucci

Line 1 Coordinator

The main scientific skills of Vincenzo relate to the fuel cells at high and low temperatures, the batteries and their application in the various energy sectors. Director of Research at CNR ITAE, he performs coordination activities of research groups, participates in national and international working groups and committees, is responsible for research projects and conducts teaching activities.

Giuseppe Napoli

Line 1 Researcher

PhD and Researcher at CNR-ITAE, Giuseppe’s scientific expertise deals with the new technologies for hybrid electric and electric powertrain, the development of advanced components and subsystems, new system architectures, control and energy management solutions. Development of integrated intelligent systems based on RES, Fuel Cells and Advanced Storage Systems.

Laura Andaloro

Line 1 Researcher

The scientific skills of Laura concern polymer fuel cells at low temperature and their integration with innovative energy technologies and renewable sources in the field of transport and in stationary field. Researcher at CNR ITAE, she is also involved in scientific research projects coordination.

Salvatore Micari

Line 1 Researcher

Salvatore’s scientific expertise includes the research, development and testing of hybrid and electric vehicles for automotive applications and cabling and wireless telecommunication systems and networks for vehicle-vehicle and vehicle-infrastructure communications.

Giorgio Dispenza

Line 1 Researcher

Giorgio’s scientific skills concern the development and characterization of power systems based on fuel cells; the study and development of hybrid electric powertrain and battery FC for environmentally friendly vehicles, optimization of hybridization levels.

Luca Laghi

Line 2 Coordinator

Luca is responsible for the R&D and the Energy Efficiency Unit of CertiMaC dedicated to materials and systems for building envelope, industrial applications in stationary and dynamic environments. He has a multi-year experience on energy efficiency of buildings and infrastructures, energy certification and auditing and energy management systems.

Chiara Ugolini

Line 1 Researcher

The scientific expertise and know-how of Chiara regard energy efficiency, particularly research and application of new technologies and integrated systems and sustainable retrofit of buildings and existing infrastructure in industrial processes.

Mattia Morganti

Line 2 Researcher

Researcher at CertiMaC, Mattia’s scientific expertise deals with the development and engineering of new industrial applications, technologies and systems for the integrated and sustainable upgrading of buildings (both residential and industrial): it is specifically related to integrated envelope / plant with, the aim of reducing energy consumption and building energy requirements.

Marco Marsigli

Line 2 Researcher

The scientific skills of Marco concern innovative technologies and solutions to optimize energy performance of building materials either in new buildings design and existing buildings refurbishment or even in the context of industrial and productive infrastructure.

Giulia Ruta

Dissemination & Networking

As a consultant and trainer of strategic marketing and digital media, expert in business models innovation and change management, Giulia supports companies, organizations, and startups to foster growth through digital opportunities. Giulia collaborates with the research lines of the project to maximize online and offline dissemination and community engagement.

Francesco Matteucci

Stakeholder Engagement & Roadmap Development

Francesco collaborates with the two lines of research in support of the project coordinators. His core competencies pertain to systems for distributed generation from renewable sources. He works as a “broker of knowledge” for research institutions and companies supporting the exploitation of research results and the development of innovative projects. He takes part in international working groups on the theme of technological innovation and teaches at the University of Ferrara.

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