Energy. Environment. Construction.

Research and Technology transfer body founded by ENEA and CNR.

CertiMaC is a private and non-profit research organization for innovation and technology transfer, that has been operating for over 20 years in the field of traditional and advanced materials: initially as an internal laboratory at ENEA and CNR, and starting from 2005 as an independent laboratory participated by the two Research Bodies.

CertiMaC is a Accredited Research Laboratory of the High Technology Network of the Emilia-Romagna Region for the Construction Platform and the Environment Energy Platform.

Within the Ravenna Technopole, CertiMaC coordinates several research projects dedicated to Innovative Materials and Technologies for Industrial Applications, including the development of eco-efficient materials and solutions for energy saving.

Role in «Ravenna Green Port»

CertiMaC coordinates the activities of the Ravenna Green Port project as lead partner, with the technical-scientific and organizational collaboration of CNR-Itae.

Regarding the realization goals and the research and technology transfer activities, CertiMaC monitors and coordinates all the phases related to the energy efficiency of buildings, infrastructures and industrial processes in the port area.


CertiMaC intervention lines in «Ravenna Green Port»

1 | Data collection and in situ surveys

Energy analysis of the identified port area and energy needs evaluation. Study of internal mobility and assessment of needs.

4 | Realization of one or more demonstrators

Study, design and construction of demonstration plants and auxiliary systems in support of stationary and transport operations.

2 | Energy audit – energy diagnosis

On the basis of the collected data and of the analytical and experimental evaluations, realization of energetic analysis and the energy needs assessment of the identified area

5 | Continuous monitoring

Monitoring the performance of demonstration interventions and verifying the level of energy savings in mobility.

3 | Identifying intervention scenarios

Identifying possible measures to reduce energy consumption through the use of Renewable Energy Sources and Smart Energy.

6 | Development and networking roadmap

Joint working tables with stakeholders in the area to outline the possible innovation lines in FER and Mobility.

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